Phoenix Modern

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Unleash the genius in all children.




Phoenix Modern is a learner driven community inspired by our natural curiosity and drive for exploration. 

The founding team of Phoenix Modern has applied the latest research in child development, human psychology, social/emotional intelligence, instructional design, technology, and the future of work, as well as the most effective practices from schools and other learning experiences all around the world.

After two years of learning, designing and planning, we have submitted a charter proposal to the Arizona State Board for Charter School. Our  anticipated  approval  is  December  2018,  with  a  plan  to  open for  students  fall  2019  in  central  Phoenix.  Our  specific  location  is  still  to  be  determined,  but  is  intended to  attract  a  combination  of  low  income  and  affluent  families .  We  believe  that  the  opportunity  to  learn  beside  and  collaborate  with  a  diverse  set  of  peers  will  best  prepare  students  for  experiences  in  the  work  setting  and  other  aspects  of  society.